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Change the User Agents in Firefox, Chrome and IE For the average Internet user, their browser's 'user agent' would not be a cause for consideration - many, in fact, may not know what the user agent refers to. There are some more detailed descriptions available online; in brief, they are a web browser's unique footprint. This means that a web developer can create a version of a website for use in Internet Explorer 6, given its infamous lack of compatibility with standards. How to reset the default user agent on Firefox | Firefox Help Sometimes, add-ons and other installations can change your user agent without your knowledge. In any case, it's important to switch it back to the default user agent to display most websites correctly. To view your user agent, click the Firefox menu button , click Help and select Troubleshooting Information. User-Agent Switcher - Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) If you really need to change the User-Agent on one of these sites on Firefox 60+ you can search for "extensions.webextensions.restrictedDomains" in about:config and drop the domains that you require to be modified (eg:, for AMO) from the string pref. Note that doing this will allow all installed extensions to replace extension download links with fake extensions among other things (see Mozilla bug 1415644 for a discussion on why these limitations exist). How to Change Your Browser's User Agent Without Installing ...

User-Agent Switcher is a quick and easy way to switch between user-agents.

27/04/2017 · User-Agent is a line that sends information to the site about the software used. Originally, websites used such data to identify the OS and browser version in order to correctly display embedded

The only way to change the string now appears to be using an Opera User-Agent Switcher Extension (menu - top left of page in Opera Logo - select Extensions then search extension site for User-Agent. Once installed (which, unlike Firefox does not need a restart) this extension places a button on the top left of the screen (or it can be invoked by right clicking on any empty part of the ...

Pobierz dodatek „User-Agent Switcher” do Firefoksa. Easily override the browser's User-Agent string.

The User Agent Switcher extension adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of the browser. The typical usage is to allow access to sites that ...

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